Racism and monkeys

jay smooth has a great response to the story this week about the stupid and racist New York Post cartoon comparing the Obama administration to the shooting (by white cops) of a chimpanzee. As usual, I think he hits this right on the money. 1) The cartoon is undeniably racist, and intent doesn’t matter, 2) this isn’t exactly a surprise coming from the Post, and 3) it would be stupid even if it weren’t racist.

ETA: Okay, because I am ridiculous, I just HAVE to edit this to add that I in fact have a massive blog-crush on jay smooth. Like whoa. It might even have leaked a little into real-crush territory, as much as that is possible for someone with whom I have never actually spoken. I mean, good god, man, you are awesome, and brilliant, and more than a little attractive, and your cat is so cute. damn. Okay, that is all.


Quick hit to post a heads-up about the Galeras eruption that just occurred (while the news media are all staring at Redoubt, waiting). Galeras was a Decade Volcano (i.e. a volcano scientists chose to focus on last decade because of its potential for catastrophic eruptions directly threatening large numbers of people), and it impacts a lot of people who live near and on its slopes. (It’s also notorious in the geoscience community for having killed volcanologists and tourists in a tragic accident, which then spurred controversial and somewhat sensationalized books about and by volcanologists.) Galeras has been actively erupting on and off for years, and this seems to have been a pretty big one.

Holiday wishes

Apparently I am the worst blogger ever, because I never post, even when I have lots to say. Work is kicking my ass this term, I’m afraid! But in a good way. I just took a ~2-hour V-Day nap, so hopefully I’m a little more refreshed now.

Instead of posting something of substance, I am here to wish everyone a happy Darwin’s birthday, Lincoln’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Friday the 13th (some of those are belated!). There is something for [almost] everyone this week! :)


Okay, this week’s recap made me laugh so loudly that I’m surprised my coworkers down the hall didn’t walk over to see what was up.


Two quick hits on the subject of choice and childbearing today. First, a link from the NYT blogs, on the subject of how many children a woman chooses to have. And second (relatedly, and from Melissa at Shakes), FINALLY a sane post about the octuplets in the news this week.

Summary of both articles: women’s decisions about their bodies and whether or not to have children, even eight of them at once, are theirs to make. Everybody else needs to just stay out of their business. (In the case of the octuplets, I do have some questions for her doctors, because I’m a bit baffled that they were not more concerned about her safety, but again – her choice, ultimately, isn’t my business.)


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