On the job

This blog is [edit: was*] anonymous for a reason: I’m a young faculty member of a small department and I want to keep my job, but I’d like to be able to discuss how things like social justice issues intersect with working as faculty at a college. People who know me well might be able to figure out who I am based on information on this site, but I don’t expect to get very famous in the blogosphere. (I also don’t intend to share any particularly sensitive information about my workplace.)

So I have not been at the job long. Some days, teaching is exhausting and a little demoralizing. (Really? You don’t know how to use ratios, in college? Wow.) But some days it’s more rewarding. Today ended up being one of those days. I’m pretty run-down from a lack of sleep, lots of recent travel, overwork, and being sick, but class went well today. And then I had a long conversation with a student in my department about gender, sexuality, and the collegiate environment. She seemed so happy to have a woman, feminist faculty member to talk to about these things. I feel like that was just one little teaspoon of goodness today.

In other news, my upstairs neighbor is once again blasting music so loud that the bass is almost vibrating my apartment. The weird part of this is that I live in faculty housing. There is one wild partying professor in these parts!

*ETA: It was smart, I think, to be cautious about this at first, for all the reasons listed above. At my particular institution that turned out to be unnecessary: my colleagues and administration are open-minded, supportive, and reasonable, and I’ve never written anything unprofessional that would have actually jeopardized my position.

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