Mm delicious grapes

Another quick hit (sorry to my small readership, I promise more substance in the future): Trace fossils assumed to be made by worms probably made by giant grape ball single-cell things.


Quick hit: A link to Erik Klemetti’s post about the latest news on the Nevado del Huila eruption. If you haven’t heard, there were an eruption and lahars at Huila recently, and a number of people have died. It sounds like it could have been a lot worse, though.


Glaciers on Mars!


(That was a sigh of relief, by the way.)

I handed in the pre-defense draft of my dissertation last week, and soon I’ll defend and revise and hopefully graduate. So it’s not over yet, but a lot of the worst is past. Whew. Also happy news, for those who read Shakesville (and if you don’t, I can’t recommend it highly enough!), the blogmistress Melissa came back this week after considering quitting the blog due to complete and completely understandable burnout. I’m so happy to hear she is feeling better, and delighted that I get to keep reading her brilliant and poignant and funny posts!

While things will probably stay slow here as I wrap up the degree and teaching for the semester, I’ll try to be a bit better when it comes to blogging now. And to start that off, based on Liss’s excellent example, I will do my very first Cat Update post. (Due to my broken camera, for now these will be recycled cat photos, but in the future expect some exciting new ones!) Since I have some very memorable cats, this will add to the “pseudo” part of my only pseudo-anonymity. But that’s okay.

So without further ado, I give you a couple of cute kitties:


Time for some Maru

Everyone’s favorite kitty!

My thesis is due this week, so I’m only posting fluff!


Courtesy of the fabulous Cute Overload:

Where on (Google) Earth? #153

I missed the exciting news while I was working away this week, but I won the last WoGE challenge over at Green Gabbro! I suppose it was high time I started advertising my quiet little blog here anyway. Hello to the geoblogosphere! Since I am new to this, there is a risk that I will pick a spot that has already been done. I don’t really have time to go through 151 pictures and check! So apologies in advance for that. I did look at a handful and it seems pretty land-heavy, so I’ll imitate Green Gabbro and give you another water location.

The rules: find this spot on Google Earth and post the coordinates, plus a little description of the geology. First one to get it right wins! Winner hosts the next challenge. Schott’s rule seems a little harsh (an hour is a long time in the internets!), so I’m using an amended Schott’s rule where you have to wait 20 minutes for each previous win.

Here is your next Where on (Google) Earth? challenge:

WoGE #153

WoGE #153

Good luck!

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