Where on (Google) Earth? #153

I missed the exciting news while I was working away this week, but I won the last WoGE challenge over at Green Gabbro! I suppose it was high time I started advertising my quiet little blog here anyway. Hello to the geoblogosphere! Since I am new to this, there is a risk that I will pick a spot that has already been done. I don’t really have time to go through 151 pictures and check! So apologies in advance for that. I did look at a handful and it seems pretty land-heavy, so I’ll imitate Green Gabbro and give you another water location.

The rules: find this spot on Google Earth and post the coordinates, plus a little description of the geology. First one to get it right wins! Winner hosts the next challenge. Schott’s rule seems a little harsh (an hour is a long time in the internets!), so I’m using an amended Schott’s rule where you have to wait 20 minutes for each previous win.

Here is your next Where on (Google) Earth? challenge:

WoGE #153

WoGE #153

Good luck!

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  1. You did not post the posting time which will make it a bit hard to know when some people with many wins may reply or not.

  2. Good point. It went up right when I commented at Green Gabbro with the link, but I’m not sure what time zone the comments are in there – I’ll check and fix the post. Thanks!

  3. I lost track of how often I won. I hope I waited long enough. The island shown is Jan Mayen, part of Norway. The largest volcanoe is called Beerenberg. Mostly basaltic. Jan Mayen is one of the tiniest plates. It is said to have rifted off Greenland in the Oligocene. I am a bit confused because I also read it is located on a hot spot.

    70° 59′ 0″ N, 8° 32′ 0″ W

  4. You’ve won again! It is Jan Mayen (also correct: Jan Mayen Fracture Zone or Jan Mayen Platform, they are all in this picture).

    It’s a weird spot. There is a chunk of continental material rifted off Greenland there, later trapped by a ridge jump. There is some disagreement about whether or not there is a hot spot. Personally, I don’t think so.

  5. Norway!

    Dang … I spent a bunch of time in the South Pacific and then thought that the white was snow, so went near the Scotia arc and stuff … I then went north, but obviously did it sloppily.

    Nice work Lost Geologist.

  6. I gave it as a challenge to Dan, who did not get it but is now saying “I was right about it being cold! I was up there! I typed ‘Jan Mayen’ into Google Earth at one point, I must just have missed it!” Sure. :)

  7. Cool!

    Next WOGE will be up during Monday, Thuesday the latest. I will replyn again here when it is up.

  8. My comment with the link does not show. Is there a problem?

  9. Well, Woge 154 is online on my blog now. For some odd reason my reply with the link to it does not show up in the comments.

  10. That’s strange, Lost Geologist. WordPress lets you put html in comments, and I’ve never had a problem doing that – if it happens again I’ll look into it with WordPress.

  11. Last test. I simply posted the html code into the reply box below.


  12. I don’t know what’s wrong but whenever I paste the URL into the little box here my comment simply disappears when I hit the “submit comment” botton and it returns me to the top of the page.

  13. Fyi, Lost Geologist, all of those comments were in the spam trap because they had a link. I don’t know why WordPress didn’t email me about the incoming messages, but I think I’ve fixed it for the future.

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