January Scientiae

This month‘s Scientiae, hosted by acmegirl, is about the opening and closing of doors within the past year. An excellent New Years topic!

I opened and closed a lot of really obvious doors this past year. I am literally just formalities away from having my PhD right now. I left my PhD home and moved to a new state, far away from my significant other, to take a faculty job ABD (soon to be with D). (My job is great!) Said significant other moved far away to leave academia and take an industry job, and then we parted ways. I got a paper published early in the year, and I wrapped up one whole chapter of labwork. I moved closer to my family. Did I mention finishing my PhD and starting a new job? So yeah, this was a big year.

I also started a blog! What could be more important! :)


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  1. PhD, a publication and a J.O.B – Rock on with your badself – am taking it you like playing with rocks – I like playing with dirty nasty bacteria. Welcome! (Says she who has been here not very long at all :-p)

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