Back to work!

Well, I had a very eventful holiday. I saw my family, I put the finishing touches on my dissertation and mailed off the final copies and paperwork, and I visited an old friend for a fun-filled week of real vacation. I worked on zero things for a whole week!! It was amazing. And now I have a lot of work to do before the semester starts!

As the January Scientiae post showed, I have had a year full of opening and closing doors. That it all wrapped up right around the holidays is giving 2009 an even exaggerated fresh-start feeling, which is exciting and kind of intimidating all at once!

The first things on my plate are to get ready to teach two classes in the spring (one new, one new for me), and to look into writing an internal research grant proposal for faculty. I’ve only ever worked on NSF proposals before, so that’s completely new to me. I’m a bit nervous about it. I also need to recover from rather severe holiday jetlag, which is barely related to the one-hour time difference of my travels and was really mostly caused by staying up late partying and sleeping in until mid-morning every day. It was a tough week!


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  1. Sounds like you’ll be really busy! And glad you had at least one really good week – working on nothing, even if the parties were a little heavy.

    Best wishes for 2009!

  2. Thanks Silver Fox! I needed the parties. :)

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