Google Oceans

NOT Atlantis

NOT Atlantis

In case you had heard and believed the sensationalized stories, no, we haven’t found Atlantis. Those are artifacts from mowing the lawn, not 8-mile wide city blocks. FYI!

HOWEVER, the enhanced Google Earth beta version with higher resolution Ocean mapping is really fantastic. I strongly recommend upgrading to it!

Woman role models

I’m struggling with how to contribute to carnivals on the topic of role models or important individuals in our lives, while still maintaining my pseudonymity. I work in a pretty narrow and specialized field of science, and maintaining anonymity on the web is very much in my best interest as a young, non-tenured female scientist. But I want to give credit to role models who have been very important to me, and I also want to contribute to carnivals. I’m not sure how to walk this line.

I suppose that this month, I will have to be satisfied with an anonymous tribute. I wil say that I have had one (and only one) female mentor in my career, and I am grateful to this day that I had the opportunity to work with her. While I talked the talk about diversity and really believed in it, having never had a woman mentor, I didn’t actually know what a difference it would make. I didn’t really think closely about the fact that I had only ever worked directly with men, that my undergraduate classes with female faculty had been few and on topics that weren’t of direct interest to me, and that in grad school, I was always the only woman in my committee meetings and usually one of at MOST two women in department seminars. I noticed those things and felt it was unjust, but I didn’t think about the personal impact they might be having on ME.

Then I visited a woman scientist and worked in her lab. It was like a magical breath of fresh air to work with a supervisor who, well, kind of gets it innately. Who looked a little more like me and had had a few more similar experiences to share than the men ever did. It reinspired me not to quit grad school after all, it got me over my burn-out and renewed all of my vigor for my degree, and it just gave me hope again, so that I could return to my all-male home world for another 3 years.

It makes a difference. There aren’t even really words to describe how big of one. I’ll just leave it at that.


I know I shouldn’t really be surprised by shit like this anymore, but today’s Cake Wrecks post still managed to shock me.



I mean, WHAT??? I can’t think of a reason why ANY person would think this was a good idea, let alone the several adults who were probably involved with ordering, purchasing, and decorating these cakes!


Mt. Redoubt

Mt. Redoubt

I’m glad to have finally learned that monitoring volcanoes is just a waste of taxpayer money. We can finally use those funds for something more useful! I don’t really know why anyone would want to pay attention to a volcano anyway. It’s not like people live on them, or like they kill anyone, or like they can cause massive property damage or anything like that. Whew!

(There is a more complete and less sarcastic response to this bullshit at Magma Cum Laude!)

Diversity carnival!

I did not contribute to this month’s (first ever) Diversity in Science carnival myself*, but it’s a great read. I’m still working my way through the posts. I encourage you all to go read about these great role models!

*I really wanted to contribute, but sadly, I know or look up to almost no black scientists in my field. It made me sad to realize this. We seriously need to increase diversity in geoscience.

Quick hit: Evo psych

I missed PhysioProf’s post the other day about how evo psych is complete crap. But I am of the opinion that evo psych is complete and utter crap, so I love his post!


I just find endless amusement in the google search terms people follow to find this site. Today’s latest:

“image of half man half jekal”