Racism and monkeys

jay smooth has a great response to the story this week about the stupid and racist New York Post cartoon comparing the Obama administration to the shooting (by white cops) of a chimpanzee. As usual, I think he hits this right on the money. 1) The cartoon is undeniably racist, and intent doesn’t matter, 2) this isn’t exactly a surprise coming from the Post, and 3) it would be stupid even if it weren’t racist.

ETA: Okay, because I am ridiculous, I just HAVE to edit this to add that I in fact have a massive blog-crush on jay smooth. Like whoa. It might even have leaked a little into real-crush territory, as much as that is possible for someone with whom I have never actually spoken. I mean, good god, man, you are awesome, and brilliant, and more than a little attractive, and your cat is so cute. damn. Okay, that is all.

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