Why doctors hate science!!

I have been fed up with the medical establishment for what feels like a decade over this issue now. It needs lots more attention, but I’m really glad that SOMETHING is happening, even if it’s just a small step in the right direction. (What I want to see next: maybe some on-the-job training of practicing doctors that is NOT provided entirely by big pharma. I know, I can dream.)


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  1. I’m just reading that now! I cannot BELIEVE the paranoia about CER… the CBO found that a huge part of the rising cost of health care is not the aging population, not the OBESITYEPIDEMICBOOGABOOGA, but the prescribing of new treatments and procedures just because they’re new even though they’re more expensive. We wouldn’t just get more effective treatment, we would save the entitlement programs and the health profession tons of money… but oh no, evidence-based research might lead to socialism and little old ladies being left to die in the cold! Like it always does!

    Anyway, I am loving this article.

  2. ALWAYS, those poor ladies!

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