This one’s for Dr. Isis

I might not have a lot of occasion to wear heels in the geoscience classroom, but for those rare occasions where I do get to wear them, I just bought these:

Bandolino Gordonas in Ivory and Black

Bandolino Gordonas in Ivory and Black

I love them. It is very rare for dressy shoes of any shape not to cut my feet and their bony protuberances to ribbons, and I’ve been wearing these around my apartment all evening with no pain. And they will go with almost any color outfit. <3


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  1. These are fantastic Volcanista!

  2. Thank you! I’ll go put them on to brush my teeth!

  3. I just love those heels . How much it cost ?

  4. ~$55 at DSW in my area, but it looks like you can get them for a little less at some places online. Cheap!

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