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Well, after all that, apparently Redoubt is not quite done.

Summary: Mt. Redoubt showed an increase in activity (new fumarolic and generally increased gas emissions, elevated seismicity) a few months ago, and kept it up for a while with no actual eruption. The activity suggested magma was on the move, so it was monitored closely. The media got very excited. The volcano stayed in something of a “holding pattern” for a few more weeks, and then last week it calmed back down – although the new degassing continued, the seismicity decreased.

But it was just tricking us, or maybe it liked the attention. Yesterday it had new tremors:

Volcanic tremors at Redoubt

Volcanic tremors at Redoubt; image from the Volcanism Blog!

…and put out a 15,000′ steam plume:

Redoubt plume - March 15, 2009

Redoubt plume - March 15, 2009

…with no ash ash that may be old, so technically not necessarily an eruption. The internet is suggesting a phreatic blast, which would make sense. But eruption or not, it’s a large burst in activity nonetheless, bumping it back up to aviation code Orange and alert level Watch. More details at Eruptions and the Volcanism Blog.

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  1. Yes there was ash! We saw it coming out while doing a gas measurement flight. It was so beautiful. You can see it deposited on the snow here:

  2. Thanks for the update! Yeah, over at Eruptions commenters have been saying that there was an initial burp that probably pushed out some old ash, and then it was just steam so it was probably phreatic. But if the AVO says there was fresh ash and that it was a real eruption, that’s even MORE exciting! :) I’m so envious you got to see it!

  3. Oh no! We don’t know yet if it is *fresh* ash. Hopefully people going out this week to collect some. We are saying it is most likely old ash and phreatic, since we don’t know yet if it’s fresh.

  4. Oh okay! I will wait to hear the verdict then. If it’s fresh, that would be something!

    I like your flying monster, an other volcanista!

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