Eruption at Redoubt


NCT EHZ AV Seismic Station, Mt. Redoubt, March 23, 2009 04:24:35 (AKDT)

After months of elevated activity and waiting for a likely eruption, Redoubt has gone to Color Code RED and had four explosions recorded since last night. The Volcanism Blog has reported quite a few of the details during the night. Ashfall from the 50,000 foot plume should start this morning in affected towns (not expected to include Anchorage). The AVO doesn’t have photos of the eruption up yet, I assume because it’s dark, but there are some great seismics, and there is a good map of the plume on Weather Underground. Ash advisories for locals can be found at NOAA. The eruption appears to be ongoing with continuing strong tremors.

ETA: RSO, the closest seismometer to the summit, stopped transmitting at 4:15am local time. Exciting!

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