Posting has continued to be slow here for a variety of reasons (busy at work, not a lot I want to comment on, and what I do want to comment on has been covered much better already). But I can at least share smart links.

The SP ladies have been on FIRE lately. Kate was on CNN, which led to the arrival of some new, exciting trolls over there, and quite a few posts and threads on the always hot obeses-on-a-plane topic. Sweet Machine covered the news that Bush administration legal council argued that keeping detainees’ daily diets at or below 1000 calories is not torture because that’s how little many people voluntarily eat on diets (the more likely explanation, of course, is that diets are bad for you and yes, it’s torture to force someone to eat so little). But I want to give an extra big link to Fillyjonk for perhaps the funniest ever takedown of lazy “obesity” research. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard and simultaneously nodded my head so vigorously.

Shakesville: on the suggestion that torture works and so we should keep doing it. They also reported on the suicide of an 11-year-old boy, likely motivated by unchecked and homophobic bullying.

No one at my favorite blogs (though I’m sure it’s all over the blogosphere) has discussed in much detail the Supreme Court case getting so much attention this week, so as a midweek recap I’ll do that one. I’m a wild and crazy liberal who thinks that violence in schools is a terrible thing, and that schools do have some responsibility to keep kids from dying in large numbers under their watch, but turning schools into prisons is not the solution. The war on drugs doesn’t work any better in a school yard police state than anywhere else. And I understand that letting kids give themselves their own goddamn prescriptions and OTC meds is probably illegal for some good reason or other, so okay, I’ll give you that. There are all kinds of real problems with that policy, but wev. But strip-searching for ibuprofen is not only extreme, this girl was clearly deeply traumatized by it (I mean, duh), and I’m fucking mad. I might like to have kids someday, and I would want to send them to public schools, but this kind of shit makes me think twice.


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