Accretionary Wedge: Time Warp

This month’s Accretionary Wedge is the time warp! What time in geologic history would I like to visit (no livable conditions required) with this magical new technology? There are so many! How can I choose??

This fancy moon picture was on Wikipedia!

This fancy moon picture was on Wikipedia!

With the space warp component included, this is especially difficult. Do I want to see if a plume starts at the core-mantle boundary? (yes!) Do I want to see what happens to plumes and/or subducted slabs at the transition zone? (yes!) What about the production of a LIP, or a major caldera-forming eruption? (yes! yes!) But although I’m really a volcanophile, I think I feel a little more traditionally geologic about this. I want to see a mass extinction — a big, catastrophic, geologic-record-punctuating event. The formation of the moon would be really fun, too, but it’s not as controversial anymore (to most people). There are still poorly-understood mass extinctions — in particular, the biggest one of them all: the P-T. I want to see who’s right and who’s wrong, and I want to see what happened, all for myself.

Though I suppose it would be damn depressing to watch all that death. Maybe I should stick with the moon?


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  1. Immersing myself in Primeval the last few weeks has made me not want to visit any of them! But I guess if personal safety is guaranteed, I want to go to the late Jurassic and hunt for elusive proto-flowers. :)

  2. Noted and queued… Thanks, Volcanista! And Car, tell us about it!

  3. Neat photo for your Wedge! And a mass extinction would maybe be like a really over-the-top movie, so the death and destruction might not seem so real (?). Let’s hope so, any way, otherwise our new time machine might not be so much fun. :)

  4. Volcanista, I’ve just been running around collecting clips and URL’s to begin assembling a draft for the AW (probably be back for pics again later), and noticed you have used “long dashes.” What’s the key(s) on PC’s to type that character?

  5. lockwooddewitt, on WordPress will automatically convert three n-dashes in a row into an m-dash. It’s great!

  6. […] hug, and a big mug of cocoa, or mocha or something. She just sounds so gleeful as she contemplates our current stop, the mass extinction that has topped (so far) all the others: the Permo-Triassic. Time: ~251.4 Ma Location: We’ll […]

  7. This post continues to be my #1 post of all time, as well as my #1 post every day – about 200 hits a day just for this page. I am flabbergasted! I mean, I’m clever, but I didn’t realize this one struck such a chord! maybe it’s the picture, which I totes stole from the internets?

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