quiet times

Things have been quiet around here. I have different responsibilities and things going on during the summer, so my routine is a bit different, and I’m also a little burnt out on the internet for the moment. But for the time being, the new Accretionary Wedge has gone up and is a lot of fun. Watch for the next one, which I will host here! I’ll put up the announcement for it around the end of the week. I am delighted to get to meet some of you lovely readers in Davos next week, although of course, you probably won’t know it’s me! Hint hint: I will be one of the couple thousand people at the meeting.


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  1. Safe Trip! I’ve also got my appendages crossed for your uhm, work movie thing :)

  2. wait, i can think of one thing that might be in reference to… do i know you IRL?

  3. from the Shakes post.

  4. oh! thanks! haha, i also ran into a celebrity last week near work, but i hadn’t mentioned it under the pseudonym, so i was confused. :)

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