Still an asshole

Jack Shafer, FFS, shut up. The man really seems to think that because papers routinely offend readers with their sexist, racist, and generally bigoted writing and cartoons, there is something wrong with actually trying to move away from that pattern. In one whole instance. For serious?? Do you not even care about all of us who are saying, “Oh thank god!”? It isn’t edgy. It’s bigotry. Get over yourself. Also, while I really liked your articles about fake media-fueled drug crises and whatnot, you’re officially off my feed now. I can’t handle your sanctimoniousness about the untouchability of “edgy” (= pointlessly nasty) “journalism”.

FYI Not edgy:


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  1. You have a “sacred journalism” category! LOL WIN!

    This is from FemLawProfs site, I like the juxtaposition of politics and journalism with the Civil War at Mayberry.

  2. Ha, just a tag, not a category. :)

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