Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to remember and memorialize people killed as a result of anti-transgender hatred. The list of names for 2009 is available here and relisted by Melissa here (in a slightly easier to read format). Liss’s post, Fillyjonk’s post at Shapely Prose, Kate’s post on Salon, and Meloukhia’s post all articulate the importance of observing this day, and I encourage you to read both the list of names and stories and those posts.

I’ve read that something like 1 in 12 people who identify as transsexual, transgender, genderqueer or intersex are murdered. That statistic is staggering, and the list of names for 2009 is therefore as long as you might expect. And as Kate points out, these victims of violence disproportionately belong to other marginilized groups. Recognizing the severity of threat of violence that transgendered people face is incredibly important; without that wider recognition, it’s not going to change.

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