Once upon a time, I belonged to a university research group that studied volcanoes and volcanic hazards. The group consisted mostly of women, and we came to call ourselves the volcanistas. Hence, a volcanista is a woman who loves, researches, and at least occasionally visits volcanoes.

This is a blog where I talk about things that interest me: volcanology, geochemistry, academia, and a variety of social justice issues. And sometimes fluff, because everyone needs some fluff.

I’m pseudonymous because I’m female junior faculty at an academic institution, meaning my immediate career future is uncertain and might at times be in flux. Not all senior academics and administrators look fondly on blogging. That said, I don’t talk about my job here, except in the most general terms (example: see first sentence of this paragraph). And if you already know me IRL, it probably won’t be hard for you to identify who I am. If you do, feel free to say hi — I just ask that you respect the pseudonymity.

Need to contact me? You can email volcanista at gmail dot com.

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