Still an asshole

Jack Shafer, FFS, shut up. The man really seems to think that because papers routinely offend readers with their sexist, racist, and generally bigoted writing and cartoons, there is something wrong with actually trying to move away from that pattern. In one whole instance. For serious?? Do you not even care about all of us who are saying, “Oh thank god!”? It isn’t edgy. It’s bigotry. Get over yourself. Also, while I really liked your articles about fake media-fueled drug crises and whatnot, you’re officially off my feed now. I can’t handle your sanctimoniousness about the untouchability of “edgy” (= pointlessly nasty) “journalism”.

FYI Not edgy:


Just a joke OMG!!

Oh hey, look, Jack Shafer is an asshole. But it’s not like he gets the joke or anything, since he “is not a fan of any kind of humor.” So since he isn’t offended, what’s the problem? Are you just all hysterical bitches or what?

FYI, Shafer, calling a woman a “mad bitch” is a nasty, bigoted slur. Last I heard those were generally considered unacceptable in public discourse in a great many circles, not just among those hypersensitive people who are always looking for things to get mad about.

But hey, don’t let me stand in the way of the humor you don’t like or anything. It’s clearly important to you to protect your right to make tasteless, offensive jokes without criticism, even though apparently you don’t like or make any jokes, because in principle that kind of criticism curtails one of your many entitlements as a white dude.

Also, how funny is it that the first line of the article is, “Will nobody stand up for Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza’s asinine horseplay on the July 31 episode of their video feature ‘Mouthpiece Theater’?” Because god forbid that for once it might go uncontested when a white guy calls a woman a bitch and actually gets called out for it. ha!!