Attention to spammers

Okay, spammers of both the blog and email* variety. This is a PSA just for you.

I DON’T WANT TO EAT ACAI BERRIES. STOP PUSHING THEM. I STILL DON’T WANT THEM. Acai berries might even taste good, but I have been forever turned off from trying a single one because I have been bombarded with acai berry spam for months and months now, until now the word “acai” makes my head explode a little every time I see it. SHUT UP ABOUT THE ACAI BERRIES ALREADY.

*On the subject of email spam: does anyone else get an inordinate amount of spam from a certain Editor Bob? Bob has been sending me helpful messages about things like diets, hot girls, and mortgages for years now (the other day I even got my first ever Editor Bob Newsletter!). I’m really not sure if other people hear from Bob as much as I do, but I am very curious about it. Sometimes after not getting anything from Editor Bob for a few months, I admit I get a little excited to see his name there, like he’s an old friend. Whose messages I don’t read.