Fun with maps!

I have to say, GeoMapApp is just getting better and better. Everyone involved is doing really good work on developing that free software.

If you’re not tuned in to the latest in geoscience public domain material, GeoMapApp is a collaborative effort by a group of scientists to make published and public-domain geophysical and geographical data accessible for everyone to use with free, publicly available software. With the recent arrival of the northern polar projection, it has really become great for most uses. I haven’t checked in this most recent version, but the last version was not quite ready to export to Google Earth from the northern polar projection, so if that becomes available it will be even more powerful. (As it is, you can already export to Google Earth from the mercator projection, which is both cool and pretty fun. My own Google Earth default has a very special Volcanista’s-Thesis layer!)

Anyway, I just spent an evening making a nice map figure, and although working with such large grid files takes a while, overall it went very smoothly. Thanks GeoMapApp!

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