The list of people for whom I no longer have any respect is just getting longer and longer.


Just posting to keep my fans informed that I did a short interview about the fact that I like volcanoes over at the Reef Tank, a blog about marine interests and marine science.

Internet burn-out

Okay, you guys, who knows what is going to happen with this blog in the long run, but in the short run I have total internet burn-out. I’m barely even reading my feed, and never clicking through to read complete posts on even my favorite blogs. It’s been a solid month of this now with no end in sight.

Do the rest of you find that getting back into the fall term has this kind of effect on you? I mean, for one thing, I’m super busy with work, and usually feel like i’m barely staying afloat with my classes. My proposal certainly hasn’t gotten itself started, and my manuscripts haven’t been touched since the summer. I’m also struggling to feel out my place here, and I don’t mean at my job itself — I mean here, in this town and in my life. Being single and alone in your 30s is weirdly socially isolating, and I don’t usually talk about it around these parts, but trying to use the dating scene to meet new friends and possibly change that general social situation is challenging and exhausting. Which is why I only sometimes attempt it. But I have been exploring it on and off, and dealing with all of the emotional repercussions (positive and negative) of meeting new people and seeing how things work out in new potential romantic relationships and new friendships makes me even less interested in looking at the internet.

And yup, that’s about all of the internet I have energy for this morning. But I think you’ll see me back here in a more substantive fashion sooner or later. In the meantime I promise to keep at least skimming and half-reading your posts, and working on my life in academia and otherwise. Hang in there, kiddos.

Moon note

I want to share that my blog gets the vast, vast majority of its hits from people searching for a picture of the moon. I mean like 200+ hits a day, all from that one Accretionary Wedge post. It’s kind of amazing. Everyone, I totally took that picture from Wikipedia. I claim no credit for it.

Neeeever poooooosting

Okay okay okay, I know. I got a little burnt out on blogging as summer wrapped up, and then classes picked up and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things with this whole here internet. Usually I would at least post a couple times a month for various carnivals, but lately I haven’t even been doing that. (Though to be fair, it’s hard to contribute to a “innovative ideas in teaching” type of topic and stay even reasonably pseudonymous, so I felt I had to bow out of that one. Suffice it to say, I have some awesome and creative teaching ideas and lessons, but I cannot so easily share them with the internet under a pseudonym.) I PROMISE I will get back into things once I have a bit more of a semester routine again. The first couple weeks are always a little nuts in the fall.

To tide you over, I will share the EXCITING NEWS that I totes won a contest by identifying a Mystery Volcano over at Eruptions. w00t!