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This piece of garbage cartoon came to me via Shakesville, Womanist Musings, and Pandagon. I kind of like (= hate) how it encapsulates all the stupid racist bullshit that has come up in this latest health hysteria whipped up by the media. But seriously, people, get OVER yourselves. That’s about all I have the energy to say about this today.

ETA: Donna Barstow has contacted me (see comments on this post) with a takedown request, with which I’m happy to oblige. The cartoon can, however, still be seen on her site at Slate. And my criticism that it is deeply and unthinkingly racist firmly stands.


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  1. Hey, I have WordPress too! Only it’s .org.
    I’m also the author of this piece of garbage cartoon. I own all rights. It’s copyrighted. See the part on the side that says ©? It is totally illegal for you to steal this and use it without my permission – and I’m not giving that to you.
    Your server and will not be happy if I tell them you are using copyrighted work illegally.
    Please remove this immediately. Thank you.

  2. Funny how posting the image as an active link back to the original cartoon at Slate, and how doing so in order to comment on it without in any way attempting to take credit for making it myself, amounts to theft in your mind. But I’m happy to take it down and have no interest in violating the law. It’s painful to see something like that on my own blog, anyway.

  3. You did not violate any copyright that I am aware of through the method in which you posted it. I suspect she simply isn’t liking the criticism.

  4. Maybe so, Rowan. I wasn’t interested in a tangential fight over copyright, though. She clearly wasn’t interested in debating the cartoon itself. I’m very glad that some people are taking up the fight, though – using non-laws as threats to bully people who are daring to criticise her is a nasty tactic.

  5. Her biggest problem is that she wants to be free to be a racist without any form of criticism. I took it down as well but I made sure to write a very nasty post in response. The woman is nothing more than a bigot drunk on privilege.

  6. Renee, your post is pretty fantastic! I did take it down, and so did Shakesville, at least as of this morning. The copyright fight wasn’t one I felt qualified to have, since my background in copyright law is pretty much nothing whatsoever. But I’m really glad she’s getting called on this crap.

  7. For future reference you were within your full rights to use it under fair use. I regret taking it down now that I know what an internet bully this woman has been. She has been back to threaten me this time for libel and defamation of character because I called her a racist. I am even starting to wonder if this is some sort of twisted publicity stunt to call attention to her mediocre work. I do know that I have been bullied by her for the last time.

  8. Thanks, Renee. At least I feel more informed now, thanks to this incident. it’s clear she doesn’t have any understanding of copyright law OR libel law!

  9. Wow, judging from her cartoons, this I Am An Internets Lawyer flare-up is the most amusing Donna Barstow will ever be!

  10. Haha, she’s even been accusing people who link to the cartoon of “stealing her work.” Personally, I think that condescension to people you imagine are just too dumb to get you should be backed up with minimal brains. Otherwise it’s just embarrassing. Obviously Barstow disagrees.

  11. fillyjonk, that is LIBEL and she is going to SUE you for it!

  12. Substituting “New Jersey” for “Mexico” does not diminish the applicability of the caption.

  13. Maybe true, but it would probably diminish the racism of the cartoon.

    FYI: I am from NJ. ;-)

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