Oh my fucking god, you have got to me kidding me. No really, what? Seriously?

Well, at least he lets them use his bathroom. Totes not a bigot.



[image removed]

This piece of garbage cartoon came to me via Shakesville, Womanist Musings, and Pandagon. I kind of like (= hate) how it encapsulates all the stupid racist bullshit that has come up in this latest health hysteria whipped up by the media. But seriously, people, get OVER yourselves. That’s about all I have the energy to say about this today.

ETA: Donna Barstow has contacted me (see comments on this post) with a takedown request, with which I’m happy to oblige. The cartoon can, however, still be seen on her site at Slate. And my criticism that it is deeply and unthinkingly racist firmly stands.

Racism and monkeys

jay smooth has a great response to the story this week about the stupid and racist New York Post cartoon comparing the Obama administration to the shooting (by white cops) of a chimpanzee. As usual, I think he hits this right on the money. 1) The cartoon is undeniably racist, and intent doesn’t matter, 2) this isn’t exactly a surprise coming from the Post, and 3) it would be stupid even if it weren’t racist.

ETA: Okay, because I am ridiculous, I just HAVE to edit this to add that I in fact have a massive blog-crush on jay smooth. Like whoa. It might even have leaked a little into real-crush territory, as much as that is possible for someone with whom I have never actually spoken. I mean, good god, man, you are awesome, and brilliant, and more than a little attractive, and your cat is so cute. damn. Okay, that is all.